Advertising / Consumer Protection / Misleading Conduct

Craftmatic’s salespersons misled and unfairly pressured Senior Citizens

Craftmatic, which sells adjustable beds, has agreed to court declarations and injunctions against it relating to its door-to-door sales tactics with Senior Citizens.  Craftmatic admitted misleading and deceiving elderly consumers and unfairly pressuring them into purchasing a bed between 2005 and 2008.  Tactics included * when initiating contact, stating that their purpose was not to … Continue reading

Misleading Conduct

Today Tonight guilty of misleading conduct

Any person who cringes at the very mention of our commercial ‘current affairs’ programs, will enjoy reading yesterday’s High Court’s decision relating to a ‘Today Tonight’ broadcast. The High Court, in a 4-1 majority (Justice Heydon dissenting), held that Channel Seven broadcasters had, through its stories on Today Tonight, engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct … Continue reading