Consumer Protection / Unfair Terms

New articles on Australian Consumer Law

Following the release of the second bill to implement an Australian Consumer Law, the QUT Law and Justice Journal has released its latest issue dedicated to consumer law reforms.  Articles include:

  • Luke Nottage, Consumer law reform in Australia: Contemporary and Comparative Constructive Criticism
  • Stephen Corones, Consumer Guarantees in Australia: Putting an End to the Blame Game
  • Anthony Gray, Unfair Contracts and the Consumer Law Bill
  • Luke Nottage, The New Australian Consumer Law: What About Consumer ADR?
  • Lynden Griggs, Consumer Protection and Stored Value Facilities
  • Nicky Jones, Gift Vouchers and Expiry Dates: When the Gift Stops Giving
  • Jenny Buchan, Consumer Protection for Franchisees of Failed Franchisors: Is there a Need for Statutory Intervention
  • Sharon Christensen, Bill Duncan and Amanda Stickley, Behavioural Biases and Information Disclosure Laws Relating to Residential Property Sales: Narrowing the Gap between Existing Laws and Calls for Future Reforms

All can be downloaded in PDF format – well worth a look!



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