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Unfair Terms – Next Step Toward National Unfair Terms Law

Consumer Affairs Minister, Chris Bowen, today released a press release outlining further details for the implementation of national unfair term laws.  This follows the May 22 closing date for submissions on the draft legislation which has led to possible refinements that would set a threshold limit for the application of the laws of $2m and exclude standard form shipping contracts in some cases.  This is in contrast to the draft which would have applied to ALL standard form contracts regardless of the value of the goods or services involved.

The Government will now refer the legislation to the Senate Economics Committee (let’s hope they do a better job than they did on the criminal cartel laws) which will provide a further opportunity for community and business input (this will be at least the third formal opportunity for input into the development of these laws)


2 thoughts on “Unfair Terms – Next Step Toward National Unfair Terms Law

  1. It looks like we are moving pretty far away from freedom of contract. The attempts at regulating harsh contracts are very interventionist and will take a some commercial certainty out of the equation.

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