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Progress toward Australian Consumer Law

It’s all happening in consumer law this week.

Today Chris Bowen announced that the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs, which met today in Hobart, has made important progress toward implementing an Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by the end of 2010.  In particular, the Council ‘endorsed the text for an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to underpin the new Australian consumer law and policy framework’, key features of which include:

  • how the ACL will be implemented
  • the contents of the ACL
  • procedures for amending the ACL
  • arrangements for administering and enforcing the ACL
  • need for inter-agency MOU and national guidance on some issues
  • relations with NZ

Bowen also launched a new Product Safety Recalls website (part of the ACCC site) today as part of a move toward a single national consumer product safety system, planned for the end of 2010.  This is designed to make it easier for consumers to find informaiton about unsafe and recalled goods.


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